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Resource and Recipe Centre

Our Resource and Recipe Centre contains quality resources covering nutrition, foodservices, food safety, menu planning, and dining rooms, to kitchen, catering organisations and meal services. The Centre regularly has new resources and recipes added.

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Fact Sheets

A very easy recipe to make and turns the traditional Anzac biscuit into a Gluten Free version. These biscuits are full of coconut and golden syrup with Quinoa replacing the oats.  Read More

This is a fun recipe to make for Easter, the same as making chocolate crackles but making baskets to hold Easter eggs. Great for anyone who would like a different Easter treat Read More

Apricots are a small fruit, the sweet flesh around a hard-stone Apricots contain sugar, some dietary fibre a small amount of protein and good source…

Read More

1 December, 2017

Watermelon Christmas Trees

Easy to make and fun, makes a great way to serve fruit 

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