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Zanussi “EasyChill” Blast Chiller/Freezers offers a tailor-made solution for every kitchen to optimise space and time while keeping the quality of the food served as it was just prepared or cooked.

Reduce temperatures to +3ºC at food core in less than 90 minutes and down to -18ºC in less than four hours. After the Blast Chilling, a holding cycle starts automatically to respectively main food at +3ºC and -18ºC.
Available in 6; 10;20 & 40 trays formats with chilling capacities form 25kg up to 180kg per cycle.
3-sensor core probe as standard
All information related to the different operating models re-recorded: date, time, cycle, core temperature, holding temperature, HACCP accordance

Other product categories – Dishwashers/Pot washers Freezer/refrigerators, Combi ovens, Kettles/Brat Pans,  Cooking Equipment 

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