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Zanussi Cooking Equipment offers two complete cooking lines that include; Electrical & Gas Ranges, Griddles, Char-grills; Multifunctional Cookers; Fryers; Pasta Cookers; Parget Tops and more.

The exclusive high efficiency “flower flame” system burners, allows the flame to be precisely adjusted to fit pans of any diameters, thus avoiding dispersion into a work area and providing high efficiency.
Stainless burners, self-stabilising flame position beneath the base plate and a thermostat adjustable from 120ºC to 280ºC,
Single pressed worktop in 20/10 stainless steel
Equipment is 98% recyclable and offers energy savings, low emission, and lower consumption

Other product categories – Dishwashers/Pot washers, Cooking Equipment Combi ovens, Kettles/Brat Pans, Blast Chillers/Freezers

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