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Textured Concept Foods (TCF) have restored the dignity of a person requiring texture modified meals. We’ve taken ‘scoops’ of smooth puree and mince moist foods and remoulded each individual food to look like its original form.

We supply a wide variety of dishes; meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, desserts and snacks. More appealing to the eye, each meal maintains its nutritional goodness and tastes as good as it looks.

We supply the whole meal in individual frozen vegetable, meat or dessert portions, so you can mix and match to present the meal of your choice. So easy to use; made from all natural ingredients, provided frozen, just ‘plate, thaw, heat and serve’.
All the hard work is done so a beautiful looking, nutritious, texture modified meal can be easily enjoyed!

More information of Texture Concept Foods can be found in Menu Planning Support – Texture menu planning

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