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Apricots are a small fruit, the sweet flesh around a hard-stone Apricots contain sugar, some dietary fibre a small amount of protein and good source of carotene, potassium, copper, vitamin C and folic acid. Dried apricots contain more energy and fibre than fresh as they are dehydrated, quicker and easier to eat. Per 35g (10 halves) Energy 347kJ (83cal)  Protein 1g  CHO 22g Fibre 3.2g Calcium  16 mg Iron 1.6mg.

Apricots are a versatile ingredient for both sweet and savoury dishes. Some of the more popular dishes using apricots include apricot chicken, apricot lamb, apricots used in chicken stuffing and as part of salads. Popular sweet dishes are apricot pudding, pie and tarts. Apricots are just as good served with ice cream, custard and cream.

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