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The last post was Seafood Chow Mein, this post shows the Gluten Free equivalent to that recipe. Its the same recipe but modified to be gluten-free. Cooking gluten does require some consideration to make sure that ingredients can be interchanged. It is not always possible to make the meal exactly the same, but with the array of ingredients available at supermarkets, it has never been easier to convert a recipe to gluten-free. When planning menus having meals which can be made gluten-free or converted is an important menu integration strategy.  More gluten-free modified equivalent recipes can be found on the NAC GH Recipe Centre. To keep up with the latest Nutrition & Catering Global Hub, new recipes, resources, training and event subscribe to the free NAC GH Newsletters or become a Member of the NAC GH to access all the recipe, resources and other Member benefits by following this link

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