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The menu is the foundation of all foodservices and is one of the main controlling factors in any foodservice system. The foodservice design will have a significant effect on menu design.

Factors which affect the menu design include:

  • Food purchasing practices
  • Kitchen physical design and equipment
  • Staffing/staff skills
  • Food budget
  • Quality of meal service
  • Choice available on the menu
  • Meal delivery system
  • The type of clientele

You cannot plan a menu to make fried fish and chips if you do not have a deep fryer. It is difficult to put food items on to a menu if the skills of the staff do not have the expertise to cook items such as souffle. The same for food budgets can often restrict a menu in terms of food items offered and how much choice will also affect the design of what will be offered during the day.

The type of clientele is one of the most important factors as this is often the main drivers for menu development. For a menu to be successful, all clients must enjoy the food and want to eat off the menu. Therefore while the basic principles of foodservice are in place for menu development, the different clientele will affect the food budget, the way food is produced and the type of meal delivery systems.

Menus are important regardless of whom they are designed for. The menu needs to be familiar with foods people like to eat and from their country of origin.

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